Google Enabled YouTube Movie Trailers Directly On Its Search Results Page

Google always tries to make things easier. Lately, Google has announced via Google+ that it is adding a “trailer” button to movie-related search results. Now, anyone can watch only YouTube trailers directly from the search results page without having to leave the page.

YouTube Movie Trailers On Google's Search Results Page

The “trailer” button will appear with Google’s regular showtime listings, but after clicking on a movie name, it won’t appear on the more in-depth showtime pages. Clicking the trailer button will pop open the trailer in a YouTube video without navigating off the page. After clicking on the trailer button, the search results in the background are blacked out and a bit of information about the movie, including a summary and the names of the director and cast, appears underneath the video. To search for movie listings on Google, type the name of the desired city or town followed by “showtimes”. For example, NYC showtimes.

YouTube Movie Trailers On Google's Search Page

Here is Google’s full announcement.

Finding the perfect movie for your next excursion to the theater just got easier, thanks to an improvement that enables you to watch trailers directly from the search results page. For example, if you want to check out all of the movies available in your area, you can search [showtimes nyc] on in English, click the Trailer button next to a listed movie, and the official trailer on YouTube will pop up. If that movie’s not your cup of tea, you can click the X in the right-hand corner and watch the other trailers available. The Trailer button is also available if you’re searching for a specific movie—say, [finding nemo 3d].

I feel it quit usable feature and it goes by the Google theme – “Making Search Easier”. What do you guys think?

Source : Google+

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