Google Was The Most-Visited US Desktop Site During February, 2014

Every month, ComScore reveals the most popular and most-visited sites by desktop users in the U.S. The results for February 2014 are in now and Google has topped the charts.


Google is naturally one of the biggest web properties and it is understandable that it is commandeering a huge traffic. However, it is interesting to note here that for the seven months before this, Yahoo had been topping the list. Yahoo has a considerable following among the U.S. users while Google enjoys a more global appeal. But since this comScore is limited to US desktop users, both companies are often neck and neck.

For February 2014, Yahoo has fallen to the second place while Microsoft takes the third spot. It must be noted here that Yahoo’s numbers do not include the traffic going over to Tumblr, one of Yahoo’s recent acquisitions and an immensely popular platform in its ownself. In the comScore list for February, Tumblr stands at the 37th position.

ComScore list

So if we are to add Tumblr’s numbers to Yahoo, that makes Yahoo the topper of the list hands-down. The company has struggled with its profits in recent years but it continues to publish quality content across its huge online platform, which is still one of the largest web properties.

Source: ComScore

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