Google Removes 300ms Tap Delay From Chrome Beta 32 For Mobile

On touchscreen handsets, browsers often come with a slight delay in processing a touch input. This is to confirm whether you are single-clicking or double-clicking on the screen. Google has now removed this tap delay from Chrome Beta 32.

Chrome beta 32 tap delay

In the case of Chrome for Android, for instance, the browser comes with a 300ms tap delay. This means that when you tap once in Chrome while using the browser on an Android device, the browser waits for 300ms before processing the request. It must do so because if it instantly registers the tap, you will never be able to perform a double-click.

When using the browser on Android, you are able to double-click to zoom in and get a clearer view of the content being displayed. However, it makes no sense to support the feature on such mobile sites which do not offer zooming in.

So Google has now removed the 300ms tap delay from Chrome Beta 32 for such sites which do not support the zoom in feature. Other sites which do allow you to zoom in are not affected by this slight change in the browser.

The good thing about this update is that you are able to get a quicker feedback from the browser. The moment you tap the screen, the browser registers it and starts processing the input. Although the feature will work only on such sites which lack zooming functionality, it will still give you a feel of better speed and quicker in-browser performance.

Courtesy: Android And Me

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