New Web and Desktop applications in Google Buzz

Today Google announced that a number of notable web and desktop applications — like TweetDeck, Seesmic, Plancast and Boxee — have integrated Google Buzz via the new Google Buzz API.

this means that starting today you can use applications with Buzz support to automatically post information to your Buzz feed and/or view, comment and like Buzz updates. Essentially the Google Buzz API extends the web application’s functionality outside of Gmail and into other applications.

TweetDeckand Seesmic are two of the most notable applications to add Google Buzz support. Both of them will now be Twitter, Facebook and Buzz compatible. A completely redesigned version of Seesmic Desktop is already out; Buzz is included as an application plugin offering full read, like, comment and search functionality in its own column within the app.

Other handy Buzz integrations include Plancast, which now lets users share the events they subscribe to with Google Buzz, and Boxee, which allows users to watch Buzz videos inside the application and share the other videos they watch via Boxee back with Buzz.

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