New York Is The Most Photographed Place On Earth, Reveals Google Heatmap

The ongoing holiday season is generally marked with people traveling, having cherishable moments and taking photos along the way. A ‘heatmap’ using Google Maps now reveals that New York is the most photographed place on Earth.

Panoramio heatmap

The heatmap shows the most photographed places around the globe, ranking them in a sequence. Featured on the Sightsmap website, the visual presentation relies on data from Google Maps and is fairly thorough.

According to Sightsmap, New York is the most photographed place followed by Rome, Barcelona, Paris and Istanbul. All of these top photographed locations are the favorites among globe-trotters and tourists, not to mention they are also the financial hubs, either globally or locally. Quite surprisingly, London is ranked much lower, occuping the 15th position on the list.

The heatmap may not be exactly accurate since it relies on the images uploaded via Panoramio, sifting through the number of images related to a particular city or place and then ranking it accordingly. In other words, if the service is very popular in a particular region, say Europe, it is unsurprising to see many European cities pop up among the top five.

In North America, New York is followed by Niagara Falls, Chicago, San Fracisco and Havana. In Asia, Shanghai tops the list with Beijing in the second place, Kowloon at third and Tokyo at the fourth position.

In all, the most number of photos on the Panoramio service have been uploaded from Europe, showing a thoroughly hot region on the map. The service doesn’t seem to attract too many interested users in other parts of the world, except a few portions in the U.S.

Source: Sightsmap
Courtesy: Daily Mail

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