Google Added Quick Action Buttons For YouTube, Dropbox And More In Gmail

Earlier this year, Google added quick-action buttons in its Gmail service which can help users take action on inbox messages without opening them first. And now, Google has added quick action buttons for YouTube, Dropbox, Seamless, and OpenTable in Gmail.

Quick Action Buttons In Gmail

From now on, if you order food from a restaurant on Seamless, you will, now, be able to quickly rate and leave feedback on that business by clicking a “review” button that appears alongside the email subject line. On the other side, Gmail users now can see OpenTable on board which let them edit any dinner reservations they’ve already made directly from the inbox.


That’s not all. Users will also be able to open YouTube and Vimeo videos by clicking “view video” quick action button as soon as they finish uploading. In addition, users will also able to easily access Dropbox folders as well as Google Docs through quick actions.

Google has said in its blog, “We’re continuing to add even more buttons to make it easier for you to get things done in Gmail.” That means, the companies will include more partners as well as more productive email experience for users.

Source: Gmail (Blog)

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