Restaurant Menus Will Now Appear In U.S. Google Search Results

Looking up a good enough restaurant can be a daunting task. You have to look at a whole lot of things before deciding that a given joint is good to go. Google has now made it easier by offering restaurant menus in search results.

Restaurant menus

The feature is currently limited to U.S. users alone and will essentially display the menu of a given restaurant as top search results. For instance, if you punch in the query ‘menu for Delicious Deli‘, Google will immediately display what’s on the menu of the said restaurant.

From the looks of it, the menu shown in the search results will include the foods offered as well as their respective price tags. This makes things even more easier if you are trying to find a joint which fits your budget nicely.

You can even see the specials from the chefs at restaurants with a single Google search, letting you decide which place is offering the best food on a given day. For now, we can expect that the feature will offer information about only a limited number of restaurants.

Over time, however, Google may expand it and include information from other, less known, restaurants as well. It really depends on the success of the feature and once it fares well for the U.S. audience, Google may even want to launch it for the global audience as well.

Source: Google

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