Robin Hood Inspires Web Hackers

Hacking has been around almost as long as internet has been around. And of course while black-hat hackers have caused a number of major damages, white-hat hackers have actually helped build a better internet. Anonymous is a well known activist-hackers community which has launched a number of major recent attacks online. In a recent statements, Anonymous has joined hands with Team Poison to rip the banks of their money and hand it to the poor – Robin Hood style!

Although Anonymous is known for many mainstream internet hacks, it has also served some causes which are commendable. In fact, nearly all the hacks launched by Anonymous are politically correct, at least in its philosophy. For instance, in a recent attack, Anonymous hackers took down hundreds of child-related porn websites and revealed the identity of it’s most active members. Moves like these certainly act to make internet a better and safer place.

Serving the poor by robbing the banks:
In the latest hacktivist move by Anonymous, it has teamed with another hacking group, Team Poison to launch ‘Operation Robin Hood.’ What exactly is Operation Robin Hood?

“Operation Robin Hood will take credit cards and donate to the 99 percent as well as various charities around the globe. The banks will be forced to reimburse the people their money back”, proclaimed a member of Team Poison in a video.

So the whole concept of this operation and it’s intent is to deploy a number of attacks on banks and loot their money and then dole it out to ‘noble’ causes. No statements from any government or bank has surfaced in response to the video by Anonymous.

Image courtesy Anonymous.
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  1. Robert Wade

    The stupidity of the author shows how ignorance abounds.  Particularly among hackers, who pretend to be defenders of the good, when, in fact, they are simply criminals.  The money isn’t the banks’ money.  It belongs to those who have invested, deposited it into the banks.  So, groups like Anonymous are stealing from ME.  They are stealing from YOU.  They are stealing from every poor person who has a dollar in those banks.

    Liars and hypocrites.

  2. Tsais

    @Robert Wade: The smallest amount of money the banks throw around comes from your deposits.  They only have to deposit 2% of what they loan out with their central bank.  The rest gets created out of thin air whenever someone takes out a loan, simply by virtue of ledger entries in their computer system.
    Moreover, if they loan 100,000 to someone for 1 year at 5% interest, they only create the 100,000 but not the 5,000 (5%) extra they want to see back after the year is up.  So the person who borrowed the 100,000 has to claw the extra 5,000 interest money from someone else out of a finite supply.  Since this is the basic system for every single loan, there is a guaranteed shortfall, out of every 10 people who borrow 100,000, it is guaranteed that some cannot pay it back, no matter how hard they try, so they need loan extensions again and again, like our governments worldwide. And thanks to interest upon interest, where the real robbery takes place, banks slowly drive us and our own elected governments into insolvency, plainly by the design of the system.  This will happen every ~60-80 years, during which time wealth gets almost automatically shifted from the many to the few.  Not that they don’t find additional ways to help that along, but the basic functioning of the system is enough.

    The Fed is owned by a private banking cartel… do you really think or see them acting in the ordinary man’s interest?  If you really think they are there working to help you, you are a fool.

    Of course hacking won’t do any good whatsoever, same as terrorism doesn’t do any good, it only gives them an argument to even more invasion of privacy and cutting down our rights as citizens.  Can’t fight evil with more evil, all you’ll do is wake up in a new hidden dictatorship, while the news still talk about daily politics as if they were real and not a show to keep people occupied and confused.

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