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Twitter has announced that you can now post photos to the service via MMS and this service is only available on some carriers initially, AT&T, Verizon and Cellular South in the US, Vodafone, O2 and Orange in the UK, and Rogers in Canada, plus Vodafone Italy, VIVA Bahrain and TIM Brazil, but Twitter also said hat it’s working to bring the feature to additional carriers. To share a photo through Twitter the customer just needs to send it as an MMS to the shortcode and the messages will then be taken from any MMS bundles they may have or charged at the standard MMS rate……………….


Twitter announced that you can now share photos to Twitter via a text message and for this simply enter the text of a Tweet as you normally would and attach a photo to it as if you were sending a standard multimedia text message. You will need to send the tweet to your Twitter account by adding your phone to your Twitter profile, if you haven’t already and then using the short code for your country. The feature has launched with several major carrier partners including AT&T, Verizon Wireless and Cellular South in the US; Vodafone, O2 and Orange in the UK; Vodafone Italy; Rogers Communications in Canada; VIVA Bahrain and TIM Brazil. In addition to the ability to post photos to Twitter via SMS, Twitter has also expanded its Fast Follow feature, which allows users to recieve Tweets on their phone, even without a Twitter account. The service was only available in the US previously but is now available on a host of carriers that offer the Twitter SMS service worldwide. Twitter says that they will work with more carriers to include the feature in the future and the service actually began as a way to share messages via SMS on phones, but has grown far beyond that to encompass a web service and dozens of popular clients. Twitter says that nearly four billion SMS messages are still sent and received on Twitter every month and this makes the addition of the ability to post images directly to Twitter a nice boon to those prolific users. The short codes are given below:

  • Afghanistan: 40404 (Roshan)
  • Argentina: 89338 (Movistar, Personal, Nextel customers. Nextel only supports sending updates to Twitter)
  • Aruba: 176 (Digicel)
  • Antigua: 176 (Digicel customers)
  • Anguilla: 176 (Digicel customers)
  • Australia: 0198089488 (Telstra customers)
  • Bahrain 88000 (VIVA), 98555 (Zain customers)
  • Bangladesh: 9594(Citycell customers)
  • Belarus: 40404 (life:) customers)
  • Bermuda: 176 (Digicel customers)
  • Brasil: 40404 (TIM, Nextel customers)
  • Bhutan 40404 (B-mobile)
  • Bolivia: 40404 (Viva, Tigo customers)
  • Bonaire: 176 (Digicel)
  • Canada: 21212
  • Colombia: 40404 (Tigo)
  • Cambodia: 40404 (Cellcard, Smart Mobile)
  • Cameroon: 8711(MTN)
  • Curacao: 176 (Digicel)
  • Democratic Republic Congo: 40404 (Tigo customers)
  • Denmark: 40404 (Telmore)
  • Egypt: 4040 (Vodafone customers), 2222 (Mobinil customers)
  • El Salvador: 40404 (Digicel and Tigo customers)
  • Fiji: 40404 (Digicel, Vodafone)
  • Georgia: 40404 (Beeline customers)
  • Grenada: 176 (Digicel customers)
  • Guatemala: 40404 (Tigo)
  • Guyana: 1443 (Digicel customers)
  • Haiti: 40404 (Digicel customers)
  • Honduras: 40404 (Digicel customers)
  • India: 53000 (Bharti Airtel, Reliance, Videocon, and TATA DOCOMO customers)
  • Indonesia: 89887 (AXIS, 3, Telkomsel, XL Axiata, TelkomFlexi, and Indosat)
  • Iraq: 71117 (Zain); 1432 (Asiacell)
  • Ireland: 51210 (Vodafone, Meteor Mobile customers)
  • Isle of Man: 89887 (Manx customers)
  • Italy: 4880804 (Wind customers), +3424486444 (Vodafone customers)
  • Jamaica: 176 (Digicel customers)
  • Jordan: 90903 (Zain customers); 98788 (Umniah customers)
  • Kazakhstan: 4040 (Beeline, Kcell/Activ customers); 40404 (Airtel customers)
  • Kenya: 89888 (Safaricom customers); 40404 (Airtel customers)
  • Kuwait: 89887 (Zain customers)
  • Korea: #1234 (LG U+ customers)
  • Kyrgyzstan: 4040 (Megacom, Beeline Customers)
  • Macedonia: 40404 (VIP customers)
  • Madagascar: 40404 (VIP)
  • Malaysia: 28933 (Maxis, Tune Talk, DiGi)
  • Maldives: 4040 (Wataniya customers)
  • Mexico: 6464 (Telcel customers, only supports sending updates to Twitter)
  • Nauru: 40404 (Digicel customers)
  • New Zealand: 8987 (Vodafone and Telecom NZ customers)
  • Nicaragua: 89887 (Movistar)
  • Nigeria: 40404 (Zain and MTN customers ); 20644 (Glo Mobile customers)
  • Pakistan: 40404 (Mobilink, Zong, Ufone, and Telenor customers)
  • Palestinian Territories: 40404 (Wataniya customers); 37373 (Jawwal customers)
  • Panama: 3010 (Digicel customers)
  • Papua New Guinea: 40404 (Digicel customers)
  • Paraguay: 40404 (Personal)
  • Romania: 89338 (Vodafone and Cosmote customers)
  • Russia: 8080 (Beeline customers)
  • Rwanda: 3434 (MTN customers)
  • Saudi Arabia: 840404 (STC customers)
  • Saudi Arabia: 710001 (Zain customers)
  • Saudi Arabia: 606040 (Mobily customers)
  • Serbia: 40404 (Vip mobile, mt:s, and Telenor customers)
  • Sri Lanka: 40404 (Dialog, Telecom Mobitel, and Etisalat Lanka customers)
  • St. Lucia: 176 (Digicel customers)
  • St. Vincent: 176 (Digicel customers)
  • St. Kitts: 176 (Digicel customers)
  • Sudan: 40404 (Zain customers)
  • Sweden: 71017(3 customers)
  • Tonga: 40404 (Digicel customers)
  • Trinidad and Tobago: 40404 (Digicel customers)
  • Turkey: 2444 (Vodafone customers)
  • Uganda: 179 (MTN customers)
  • UK: 86444 (Vodafone, Orange, 3 and O2 customers)
  • Ukraine: 40404 (life:) customers)
  • United Arab Emirates: 335640404 (Zain)
  • Uruguay: 40404 (Antel)
  • US: 40404
  • Uzbekistan: 89338 (Beeline, Ucell customers)
  • Venezuela: 89338 (Movistar)
  • Yemen: 7070 (MTV)
  • UK : +447624800379 (Subscribers may be charged international messages rates)
  • GERMANY : +4915705000021 (Subscribers may be charged regular/local SMS rate)
  • FINLAND : +3584573950042 (Subscribers may be charged regular/local SMS rate)



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