Facebook Starts Testing $1 Messaging Service For Contacting Non-Friends

Facebook announced on Thursday that it’ll be testing a new feature which would let users to send notes/messages to non-friends on the social network. The test has begun from Friday, December 21. Facebook is charging $1 for sending messages to non-contacts.


Currently, when a user send a message to a Facebook friend, the message goes to the receiver’s message “Inbox”. But when a message is sent to a non-friend, the message doesn’t go to the receiver’s message Inbox, rather it goes to a folder called “Other.” Facebook launched this “Other” folder in 2011. Less relevant messages goes to this folder. Most often, many users skip those messages from reading or ignore the folder “Other”. But now with a new service, Facebook users can send messages to non-friends’ Inbox.

Facebook has started testing this new service from December 21. For this new service, Facebook is charging $1 for every single message to a non-friend. If the sender pays the fee, only and only then, the message will go straight to the recipient’s Inbox. Otherwise , the messages will be delivered to non-friend receiver’s “Other” folder.

Facebook has said, this testing is going on only in the U.S. Facebook has also said that this $1 fee could help “discourage spammers”. The test will only be made available to a small group of people.

Source: CBS News

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