Facebook Considers Partnership With Samsung

Despite the relentless efforts of the folks over at Facebook, the social network hasn’t been very successful in garnering adequate revenue from the mobile platform. To change that, Facebook is now considering a partnership with Samsung. To that end, Mark Zuckerberg recently met Samsung’s President, Shin Jong Kyun.


Currently, the biggest problem for Facebook is that the social network’s mobile presence is not effectively translating to adequate ads revenue. Facebook has tried to push out ads to mobile users so that it can earn more revenue, but the strategy doesn’t seem to be helping.

Mark Zuckerberg’s recent meeting with Shin Jong Kyun may be a part of the company’s strategy to boost mobile ads. According to Shin, the duo discussed the possibility of a mutual partnership during the brief meeting.

Samsung enjoys a huge presence in the mobile market. It is the largest Android vendor and in terms of numbers, sells the most handsets each quarter. Trying to forge a partnership with Samsung makes sense for Facebook. That’s because this would essentially give Facebook immediate access to a huge Android population which would essentially mean more displayed ads and better mobile revenues for Facebook.

However, it remains to be seen what Samsung stands to gain from such a partnership. Although the talks between the two companies seem to be in initial rounds, the terms of agreement that will eventually be signed will be very significant and may show how the two companies will benefit each other.

Courtesy: CNET

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