Facebook Denies Rumors Of A Search Partnership With Yahoo

We recently reported that according to The Sunday Telegraph, Facebook and Yahoo are currently in talks, possibly considering a search partnership. However, Facebook has now explicitly stated that it is not currently considering any such thing.


The Sunday Telegraph has reported that the information had been revealed to it by certain sources inside Yahoo. The sources claimed that the search partnership between the two web giants can be very meaningful, both for them and the internet.

It seems that their claims were a bit too given to imagination since Facebook has dished out a formal statement, citing that whereas it is indeed working on improving its search, it is certainly not considering a new search partnership at this time.

The exact statement released by Facebook reads, “People expect a better search experience on Facebook. We are working on improvements to better meet those expectations but are not in talks to enter into a new search partnership.”

The social network didn’t specifically say that it wasn’t talking to Yahoo about such a possibility; which can mean that the two may, for now, be just discussing the prospects of such a partnership. And that the partnership, itself, may actually be further into the future and not anytime soon.

Source: TechCrunch

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