Facebook Javascript API Experienced Trouble Earlier, But Started Working Again

Facebook Javascript API is the backend system that allows developer applications as well as Facebook’s own apps to exchange data on the site. Just recently as reported by TechCrunch, it faced trouble that caused all the Likes, Comments and Apps to have been removed for a little while.

But now the problem had been fixed finally and let us hope that it does not happen again or else it will be huge loss for social media marketing companies that depend on Facebook Likes and Comments for their brands promotion as well as those developers that make apps and sell them to Facebook.

Many apps like Turntable.fm, Quora and TinyChat faced a loss of their Facebook Login facilities. This had actually affected thousands in the developer community. It might have been one of the longest downtime in Facebook Javascript API.

The status of the JavaScript API on the Facebook’s developer’s blog said:

“Currently, the JS SDK is returning /* Not a valid locale. */. We are working on a fix now. We will update the live status as we have more information. You can following along in https://developers.facebook.com/bugs/20327564310313″

Image Source: TechCrunch

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