Facebook Messenger For Windows Leaked

As popularity of social net-workings specially Facebook are increasing day by day, it seems that, the social network targets the Desktop PC or Laptop market as well. Facebook has been testing the Windows-based Facebook Messenger application since November as part of a private trial, but anyhow TechIT revealed the download link (Demo Version) on Thursday. The application can be installed only on Windows 7/Vista that includes access to the chat, ticker feed and notification parts of Facebook.

Windows 7 Based Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is a trial application which lets anyone using Facebook without being log on to www.facebook.com. It means, while surfing the web or using other applications on your computer, you are able to check notifications, new friend requests and even the live ticker in order to stay connected with your friends’ activities. But right now, Messenger is noticeably missing Group Chat and Video Calls.

“We are continuing to make Facebook Messenger easily accessible across platforms,” a Facebook spokesperson said. “Messenger is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and we’re testing Messenger for Windows, a new desktop application.”

The trial application was initially released to a tiny group of facebook users. But, though the leakage, we hope its popularity can’t stop it to reach its success.

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