Facebook Testing Keyword Search On Older Posts

Although we have Facebook Graph Search, a tool that allows users to search their friends’ photos and likes with ease, searching old things like a post, status etc. in Facebook is still just like a nightmare. But seems like, this nightmare will be over soon. Lately, we have come to know that Facebook is testing keyword search for older posts on its mobile app, which will enable users to search through post content posted by friends and pages followed by them.

Searching Facebook

At present, the tool is only available to some members of the world’s biggest social network. According to those users, this keyword search option will let mobile users see any content that was previously available to them through friends or pages they followed. For example, several months ago your friend had suggested you in Facebook to try some food in a particular restaurant, but can’t remember now, then you might be able to remember that with just a simple keyword search.

Note that, the search will only be on posts that are meant for you to see. In other words, posts that your friends published as private will still be banned from your curious eyes if you’re not the intended audience.

Regarding this simple keyword search a Facebook spokesperson has said that the feature is “an improvement to search on mobile. … you can use keywords to search for posts you’re in the audience for on Facebook.”

Source: Bloomberg

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