Facebook Toying With The Idea Of Sound Notifications

Remember the ‘Buzz’ audio notifications on Yahoo messenger which would send your teeth rattling if you were unfortunate enough to hear them at a high volume? Apparently, Facebook is trying to bring it back by testing out a potential new feature for its website – sound notifications. However, the people who have tested the feature don’t seem to have liked it much.

So how would this sound notification thing work? Well, every time anyone writes on your wall, sends you a message or invites you to an event, a ‘ping’ sound will be emitted. Naturally, if you have a rather busy Timeline, your head would be buzzing with ‘ping’ sounds all day long.

According to a Facebook spokesperson, “We are currently testing a sound with notifications. It’s only testing with a small percentage of people and it can be controlled from the Account Settings page.”

Thankfully, a reporter at VentureBeat was among the testers of this new feature. And he was kind enough to post a video of it online, showing how annoying these sounds notifications are. Naturally, he himself states that he absolutely ‘hated’ the feature.

The video has been posted below. One hopes that based on such feedback from testers, Facebook would stop entertaining the idea of actually launching this feature which may not be very popular among the users.

Source: Venture Beat
Courtesy: Mashable

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