Foursquare Decides To Display Full User Names, Reminds Of Privacy Options

Privacy in the online world is a rather tricky concept. Social media websites say that they work diligently to ensure user privacy, yet it would seem the few live up to that promise. Foursquare has now announced that it will display the full user names on profile pages for the sake of clarity, though it also reminds us of its privacy options.


Until now, when you searched your friends on Foursquare, you could see their full name in the search results but once you browsed to their profile page, you only got to see the first name. Naturally, that was confusing in many cases.

According to Foursquare, a lot of its users have been clamouring for a change in policy on that front. Complying with the demand, the website will finally be displaying complete names on profile pages.

Moreover, the social network will also be sharing more data with the businesses. It has launched a few changes which would essentially let different businesses discover the users that checked-in at their locations more easily.

However, Foursquare is quick to remind us that it has all the right privacy options in place, shall a user need them. If a user don’t want to have his full name discovered, he/she can always change it on Foursquare. If the user doesn’t want to be discovered by a business where he/she is located, there are privacy options to make sure of that.

It is good to see that Foursquare is making changes without stepping on the privacy demands of the common users. In fact, the folks at the company have apparently put together a ‘Privacy 101’ crash-course to let you understand how privacy works with Foursquare. You can browse off to the source link listed below to catch a glimpse of that.

Source: Foursquare
Courtesy: Engadget

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