Foursquare Is Freezing Mayorships To Get Ready For New App ‘Swarm’

Foursquare comes up with huge changes like freezing all mayorships and stops being ousted from any locations as it has announced splitting the services of its existing app and its upcoming brand new ‘Swarm‘ app.

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Last week, Foursquare declared to launch its location-based service into two individual mobile apps: one is the original Foursquare, while the other is Swarm. The regular Foursquare app will be more likely Yelp, meaning review and service application and Swarm will be for checking into locations and viewing where your other friends. It’s going to be released in next week on Android and iOS.

Preparing to the launch of Swarm, the company is bringing some changes in current app. The major change is the ‘Mayorship’ feature which allows you to hold the mayorship of any locations. That means, there will be no more ousting of mayors and the list of proud mayorships that you have once on your profile will stuck like that forever probably.

Last Friday, the company published on its official blog, “starting today, there will be no more ousting of mayors in the Foursquare app…The Foursquare app, for the time being, will continue to show the mayor as of today, frozen in place.” So basically this will ‘make way for mayors 2.0’ in Swarm.

If you are proud mayor of a place where you have been in last 60 days, you will be mayor amongst your friends circle in the brand new app. So one place can have many different mayors from each circle of friends rather than just a single mayor for each place.

It also brings some insights about your life as it serves up after every check-in. For example ‘Your 4th day in a row at library’ or ‘Your first time hanging out with Thomas after 4 months’ will be live on Swarm. There will be some ‘Stickers’ attached in Swarm which will quickly reveal how you are feeling or doing at then.

In spite of those features, Foursquare said there will be plenty of hidden surprises which they want its users to find out. We will try to open up for you in next week when Swarm launches.

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