Google Includes Yahoo And Outlook In Its New Update

Google has revamped their Android app, and is about to release the newest version: Gmail 5.0. While the users are still speculating about what changes Google might bring, it’s been reported that Gmail might want to ‘own-it-all’, because their new app will manage ‘all’ of your email accounts!

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According to a video published by Android Police, which has got their hands on the app in advance, all the new features of the updated Gmail app along with the confirmation that it will handle your other email accounts, such as Yahoo and Outlook. It also features how they have changed the interface of the app which is pretty neat and easy on the eye now, thanks to Google’s ‘Material Design Principle‘. You can just swipe to change between different accounts within the app.

New App To Handle All Other Email Accounts

While the video gives us this valuable piece of information, it does not, however, tell us exactly which other services will be included to this app; it mentions ‘other apps’ only. Here’s the video.

This update is not available on Play Store yet, but will be released soon for general users. It is also unknown whether the same can be expected from the Gmail app for iOS, but the least we can do is hope.

Sources: Android PoliceThe Verge
Video Credit: Android Police

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