Google+ Introduced Photo Only Search Filter

We have reported when Google introduced larger size Cover photo in Google+ profile, and Fecebook announced their updated home feed. Today Dave Cohen, from Google+ Technical Lead announced a new super simple Photo filter on Google+ search. Take a look below

Google+ Search Photo Filter

So basic thing is from now on you could filter your Google+ search result. There is a simple tab below the search field, and you could select between Everything, People and Pages, Communities, Google+ posts, Hangouts, Photos and Events. You could also filter based on connection. It actually looks like below.

Google + Photo Filter

The Photos filter is new, and the main beauty of it, is it’s simplicity. The Facebook and Google+ feature similarity is been a well discussed topic already. Facebook already announced and started to deploy their new home feed, which gives much focus on Image content. Now Google+ just made it super easy for user who is looking for image or wants to browse all photos shared with him.

Jennifer Van Grove of CNET has a nice way saying this change as a message from Google to Facebook, in her exact phrase “Hey Facebook, what you did by rebuilding your entire feed, we did with a filter.”

Dave Cohen explained this new photo filter in this way “You can now filter your Google+ search results to only show photo posts. Just type in what you’re looking for, and select “Photos” from the filter dropdown.You can find any photo post that’s shared with you — from items shared only with you, to public photos shared by some of the great photographers on Google+.

Here are some example search I did

So what do you think? I loved it because of it’s simplicity. Hopefully will see more filter in future.

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