Latitude Leaderboards Launched By Google

Google has been making a lot of noise of every new feature it has added to it’s social network so far. From new way of searching on Google to a tighter integration of all Google-related accounts, Google is working hard to pitch it’s social network and gain traction. Now Google has introduced an admittedly cool feature in the form of Latitude Leaderboards. Through this feature, you are ranked on a global leaderboard.

It is nearly the same as Foursquare, although the fact that Google is trying to integrate it deep into Google+ makes it somewhat different. This is how it works: every time you check-in using Google’s Maps app, you earn points. The more points you earn, the higher you will be ranked. And you are ranked on a global leaderboard which can be seen by Google+ users.

For now, the feature is not visible to all users. You may be able to see it once you check-in somewhere and register your location with the app. For further details about this feature, you can head on to the Google support page and gather the details.

Image courtesy Engadget.

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