Make Money on Facebook by Watching Commercials

Facebook has created a new promoting programme that financially motivates users to watch certain commercials.

Users who watch commercials distributed on the Facebook network are rewarded on the basis of a credit system – each commercial brings the viewer 1 credit worth 10 cents. This is not an important reward but the prospect of gaining some money may be just enough for some users who usually spend a lot of time on Facebook and wish to put that time to better use.

Paid commercials will be shown especially in games, such as Crowd Star, Digital Chocolate and Zynga.

Facebook is also working with Sharethrough, SocialVibe, Epic Media and SupersonicAds to provide the programme with commercials and with TrialPay – a polling system whose participants receive money in exchange for their answers.

Dan Greenberg, CEO at Sharethrough said that Facebook’s idea represented a shift from the traditional commercial system which interrupted programmes. Facebook offers commercials for entertainment and users will want to see and send them forward to their friends.

Earnings cannot be transferred on the credit card, yet the Facebook credit system offers users the possibility to spend the money for buying various products advertised in the commercials they have watched. Users can also purchase virtual goods available in the network.

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