Twitter Rolls Out A Cool LOLcat Language Option

Over the last few days, Twitter has made a number of announcements. First, the micro-blogging website announced that its in-site search engine would now be able to pull older tweets, something which was not possible before. Now, Twitter has quietly rolled out the option of viewing your account in LOLcat language.

Twitter LOLcat

LOLcat language has become a popular notion over the internet, thanks to the endless memes it has been used in. Although fraught with spelling and grammatical mistakes, the LOLcat language is essentially fun to read and often puts a humorous spin on simple words.

To start viewing your Twitter homepage in the LOLcat, simply go the URL ‘‘. Once you navigate to that URL, your Twitter home page’s language will be transformed automatically. For instance ‘Who to Follow’ will become HOO 2 FOLLOW’, Twitter is seen written as ‘TWTTR’ and conversation is ‘CONVERSASHUN.’ However, the tweets on your Timeline are not given the LOLcat flavor.

Although not much of a feature, the LOLcat option is fun, to be sure. And for an hour or so, you can tweak around and perhaps tweet in the LOLcat fashion to get yourself well-indulged.

Source: Twitter

Courtesy: Engadget

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