Web Developer Calls for ‘National Switch to Google+ Day’ on Facebook

Web developer Eric Mills, currently working as a Front End Developer Intern at Wolfram Research among others, has called for a national switch to Google+ on May 15 on Facebook. Eric has created a public event called ‘National Switch to Google+ Day’ on Facebook, and called upon all Facebbok users to switch to Google+ on the given day. TheTechJournal staffs were amused by the naivety of the action and decided to give our readers a moment to laugh.

Eric has stated in the ‘National Switch to Google+ Day’ event page, “I don’t want to be tied to Facebook anymore, but my network ties me down. Add me on G+ at gplus.to/ericmills so we can get out of here!” However, he has not explained why he wants to leave Facebook and why should users leave Facebook and start using Google+. He left us wandering too!

Like one of Eric’s friends, we were wandering if it is a move to increase Eric’s chances to get a summer internship at Google. If that is the case then we are not sure if Googlers will be impressed. Because, the event has not been successful on creating a buzz, although some of his 678 Facebook friends have declared that they will follow.

However, if it is an action against Facebook’s support for the controversial CISPA, then he may gain some traction.

But, having a ‘National Switch to Google+ Day’ on Facebook itself, says what people need to know. Facebook is going to rule. After all, it’s about the ‘people’, as Eric acknowledged himself.

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