Spotify Unveils Free Mobile Streaming Service

Spotify offers a number of ways for users to access free music. Adding to that list, the company has now rolled out a new mobile streaming service for mobile devices. Since it is free, it comes with certain conditions and limitations.


The new feature essentially allows mobile users to stream free music from Spotify in the form of playlists. However, the playlists you choose to play will be shuffled at random and occasionally, other tracks will be mixed into it as you stream.

Spotify says that the streaming will be free for users as long as they keep shuffling the songs randomly. Playlists can be accessed by tracking down a given artist and playing all of his or her tracks. Alternatively, the user can play his own playlist using Spotify.

If the playlist you choose contains very few songs, Spotify will automatically add other songs to the mix. If you decide to play a single album by a given artist, songs from other albums will be added to that album as you continue streaming. These limitations are applicable only upon the free access of the feature.

You can, however, get rid of these limitations by signing up for a Spotify Premium account, shelling out a cool $10 per month. Premium membership also brings number of other additional features such as no advertisements, higher streaming speeds and quality as well as offline access to music.

Source: Spotify

Courtesy: ABC News

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