Apple Confirms iCloud Web Apps, iDisk To End In 2012

Web publishing, MobileMe Gallery, and iDisk will all disappear as the company sunsets its current online service in favor of iCloud, according to a new MobileMe transition guide Apple published on Friday. A brief FAQ has emerged over at Apple’s site, detailing answers to a few burning questions about the future of MobileMe.

All MobileMe users who had an account prior to June 6, 2011 will see their service extended through June 30, 2012 at no extra cost, but what’s new here is the amount of functionality that’ll also be available from a website.

Via, “this fall,” which should settle the ongoing debate about whether or not Apple is foregoing Web interfaces. It will allow users to access Mail, Contacts, Calendar, Bookmarks, Find My iPhone and Back to my Mac, relieving fears that iCloud was severing ties with the browser altogether. Unfortunately, iWeb, Gallery and iDisk aren’t making the cut, and while it seems that previously stored files will still be accessible, we wouldn’t count on being able to add anything new a year from now. And Apple officially confirmed that iCloud users will be able to purchase more storage should their needs exceed the 5GB that the company provides for free; that information had previously been hinted at in beta builds of iOS 5, but not explicitly mentioned by Apple.
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