Just Ahead Of Google Reader’s Exit, Digg Reader Goes Live

The Digg team has been hard at work in trying to create a viable RSS aggregation alternative to the outgoing Google Reader. Now, just one week before Google Reader is scheduled to be shelved, Digg has started offering the Digg Reader beta to a limited number of users.

Digg Reader

Although the tool is available to a limited number of users for now, Digg promises that in the coming days, it will be made available to all. The timing of the beta launch is rather interesting and hints that Digg is directly going after such users who have long managed their RSS aggregations through Google Reader.

Since Digg itself is somewhat of a content aggregation station, it makes sense for the team to create a similar tool. For now, the company is hard at work in trying to analyze the feedback from beta users and devise improved features and a better user-experience.

Two key aspects that the team has been focused on are speed and reliability. The team wants the tool to bring up lists of content within no time, while at the same time, posing no hiccups or problems while working.

Unlike Google Reader, Digg Reader does not come with the ability to search. According to the President of the company, Andrew McLaughlin, “Search isn’t something that the majority of people use, but those who use it find it to be very important. We haven’t decided if we’ll make it part of the premium product, but it’s entirely possible since it’s one of the more expensive features we’ll be adding. We’re toying with the idea of having pricing line up with costs.”

You can sign up for the beta Digg Reader here.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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