Google Finally Releases Google Keep, Ready To Compete Evernote

Google has finally launched its note-taking, list-keeping app, which we saw a few days ago after an apparently accidental leak. The app is being touted as ‘Google Keep’ and may be a direct competition for the likes of Evernote as well as Pinterest.

Google Keep

Of course, Google knows how to create neat interfaces and Google Keep provides you with just that. You can take notes, maintain checklists, voice memos and all sorts of lists. The search giant has rolled out both the web app as well as Android app of Google Keep.

The Android app is especially useful in that it lets you access your notes directly from your home screen. The notes created on the mobile app are presented in a colorful layout together with options to drag and drop and reposition the notes as you deem fit.

And of course, Google is offering the ability to sync the Google Keep notes to all your devices through Google Drive. In doing this, Google is directly challenging Evernote which also happens to provide a similar functionality through its popular app.

According to the official blog post announcing the release of the app, “With Keep you can quickly jot ideas down when you think of them and even include checklists and photos to keep track of what’s important to you. Your notes are safely stored in Google Drive and synced to all your devices so you can always have them at hand.”

Watch the video below to get a glimpse of Google Keep in action. You can download the Android app here.

Source: Google

Courtesy: iClarified

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