Google Voice Briefly Messed Up Sender Numbers In Texts

It is a common habit with most users that they tend to read the messages from friends and family as a priority, compared to messages from strangers. That became hard for Google Voice users when in a recent technical glitch, Google Voice started displaying wrong numbers on text messages that the users received from their own contacts.

Google Voice

The text messages that were being received actually came from the friends and family of the users. But when the users received them, they had a random, unknown numbers on them. These phone numbers were not even real and were actually used by Google for testing purposes.

Apparently, these test numbers had somehow mixed up with the original numbers of the users’ contacts and replaced them on the face of text messages. This instantly lead the users to clamor in the Google Voice support forums.

It took Google a while to register the complaints of the Google Voice users. The company then went on to investigate the issue instantly which was then resolved, much to the relief of the users, within three hours.

In a statement that the company later issued, it said, “Google Voice experienced an issue displaying the incorrect caller ID for outbound SMS. The issue should now be resolved. We apologize for any inconvenience caused.”

Source: Google Voice Support
Courtesy: CNET

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