The Best Chrome Extensions To Increase Your Productivity

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How often do you have to work online? Even if you don’t work online, you must rely on online resources for work. As this is part of your work, it can have a serious impact on your work performance and efficiency.

There are a hundred extensions in the Chrome Web Store. But we are here to save you some time by giving you a list of Chrome Extensions that will boost your productivity.


LastPass is a Password Manager tool for Chrome. After adding this extension to Chrome, give all your login ID and Passwords to LastPass. Then you need to add a Master Password and remember only that. That’s it!

After the initial setup, LastPass will remember all your Login IDs and Passwords. The extension will also sync your Login information across every device you use which has LastPass on it.


Momentum is a great tool to manage your day to day task list. Use this tool to plan your days. Momentum gives the new Chrome Tab interface a complete makeover.

Momentum decorates the Chrome Tab interface with a clock, quote, temperature.


Todoist is a great tool for managing tasks. It does more than just listing your tasks. You can specify a deadline for each task. Furthermore, you can set priority for tasks as well as specify recurring tasks.


Grammarly will make you an efficient writer. This Chrome extension will eliminate the need for running proof-reads.

Once you have activated this extension, anything you write on any application on Chrome will get proof-read automatically. This extension will highlight typos and grammatical errors in your writing.


How much time do you waste everyday reading meaningless articles? Here is another important question how many hours do you waste everyday overreading articles? If you have ever felt that you are not an efficient reader, here is the perfect Chrome Extension for you.

This Chrome Extension will estimate how much time it will take to read a Web-Page. Once you get that estimation, you will know if you are overreading something.

Wrapping Up!

Are you already using any of the Extensions mentioned above? If so, let us know your feedback in the comments section. In the meantime have you ever wanted to turn your Chrome Address Bar into a Search Bar?

You can set any website as an Omnibox. And as soon as you type the keyword in the Chrome Address Bar, it will turn into a Search Bar for that particular website.

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