Viber Starts Monetization Efforts By Launching Sticker Market

Viber has been a free and popular service for quite some time and there hasn’t exactly been any discernible ways through which the company made money off its millions of users. This is about to change as Viber has just rolled out the new sticker market which comes at a nominal price.

Viber sticker market

The company had been contemplating the launch of paid features for quite some time. The sticker market, which earlier contained a mere 50 stickers all of which were free, has now been updated to include 300 stickers. It now costs $1.99 for this sizable collection of stickers, many of which have been created by notable designers.

The new sticker market is accesible on Viber’s version 4.0, a recent release from the company. Although it currently contains 300 sticker, Viber’s CEO Talmon Marco has revealed that another 700 stickers are ready to be released to the market in the coming days.

Along with the revenue-generating sticker market, the new version also comes with the push-to-talk feature. The feature lets you send voice messages using the service.

Viber push-to-talk

Typically, voice messages take some time to be recorded and then played. But Viber claims that it has been able to enhance the efficiency of its push-to-talk technology so that users can do the recording, sending and playing all at once. To download the new version of Viber, click here.

Another premium feature which is due to land on Viber some time soon is ‘Viber Out.’ The company unexpectedly debuted the feature ahead of the scheduled time when the recent typhoon hit Philippines. The launch was aimed to help users in Philippines so that they can seek help and rescue by calling the phone numbers of non-Viber-users.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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