Now You Need An Apple ID To Schedule Online Genius Bar Appointments

To make a reservation on Apple Online Genius Bar appointment, now you need an Apple ID instead of filling up only name, address and email. Apple has introduced this change for providing better customer service to users who visit the Genius Bar.

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At the earlier time, Apple users had to fill out a form with full name, address and emails for confirming an appointment. But now Apple requires an Apple ID every time you go to its Online Genius Bar Appointment page. It will prompt you entering your Apple ID and password so that you can book your reservation ahead of time to guarantee your spot.

According to Techcrunch, “An additional reason for this change, we understand, is to give the control of a Genius Bar appointment to a user directly, who must know their credentials and enter them before being able to confirm a payment. There is also the convenience of having a customer’s data automatically filled out with a simple entry of the Apple ID. This could allow Geniuses to look past purchases and communicate with the user much easier now as well.”

As Apple announced the significant changes to customer care policies in this recent times, it seems that the company probably wants to ensure higher levels of control over support appointment as well as customer information.

Courtesy: TechCrunch

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