Chinese Hackers Spying On U.S. Chamber Of Commerce Members

Recent investigations have revealed that the servers at U.S. Chamber of Commerce had been infiltrated and compromised. The persons who infiltrated the servers were Chinese hackers. According to the investigation, the hackers had been accessing and stealing the data from the servers for more than six months and the security agencies have realized that only now.

During the six-month long access, the hackers have been able to steal a huge amount of data. The investigators stated that these were very sophisticated hackers. They were very well adept at hacking techniques and knew exactly which people to target, which files to steal and what to achieve through their hacking. They specifically targeted four members of the US Chamber of Commerce and stole the emails they exchanges over whole four weeks.

The role of China?
Apparently, the hackers were trying to snoop over the policies and data relevant to Asia. They wanted to know what the US chamber members were up to in their plans about Asia, possible and very probably, about China. A number of hacking attempts from China have been made on US servers but a lack of active implementation of anti-cyber-theft laws allow these hackers to save themselves from facing any severe consequences. In fact, in some cases, just like in this case, the Chinese government itself has been subtly accused of helping and in fact, hiring these hackers to do the very task. While that can’t be of course confirmed, the Chinese embassy has naturally denied the allegations.

Now that the data-loss through this fresh hacking attempt has been realized and the affected users know which of their data was compromised, they can now overhaul their data so that the hackers get the least out of the stolen material.

Image courtesy Jose Goulao.
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