Gmail Will Always Display Images In Emails From Now On

Until now, Gmail asked your permission to ‘Display Images Below’ before showing any pics within an email. With a new update, the email service will directly display the images, not requiring your permission any more.

Gmail images

To some, this may sound ominous but this is actually good and makes a lot of sense. The reason Google started blocking direct display of images on Gmail was that unknown senders could compromise the security of a Gmail user’s account by sending a nefarious image file. So before the service displayed it, it asked the user to confirm that he or she wants the images displayed.

However, now the search giant scans all the non-spam emails for malware and viruses. Not only that, any images contained in Gmail emails are served through Google’s proxy servers which are highly secure, rather than being served by the server of the sender.

If you are not happy with this change and want Gmail to always ask you before it displays any images within emails, go the General tab in Settings and select ‘Ask before displaying external images.’

Google has already implemented the aforementioned changes on the desktop version of Gmail. The feature will be made available across Gmail mobile apps by early 2014.

Courtesy: Mashable

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