Kim Dotcom Decides To Form Political Party, Eyes Presidency

Ever since Kim Dotcom was arrested in an illegal sting operation at his mansion in New Zealand, his fame has surged to the front pages. The tech entrepreneur has since launched new ventures, mustered support online as well as offline and now plans to launch a political party of his own.

Kim Dotcom

Dotcom revealed his intents of launching a new political party through a tweet. Ever since the incident of his arrest, Dotcom has enjoyed profound fame, especially in the world of internet. Meanwhile, he has also become a familiar face in New Zealand where he is now a frequent guest on talk shows.

The fame of Dotcom essentially transcends boundaries, thanks to his online significance with respect to late MegaUpload. Although MegaUpload is no more, Dotcom has launched new ventures and mustered millions of new users, sustaining his position as one of the rock stars of the web.

He recently told a publication, “I have created a draft political program and I am in the early stages of meeting potential candidates to join me.” The goal is to bring together a political party by the time November 2014 elections arrive in New Zealand.

Given Dotcom’s fame and his past ventures, it is very possible that most of the tech enthusiasts will vote for his party. While many have also cited that he is eyeing the Presidency, Dotcom has rebutted such claims by stating, “I’m not a citizen of New Zealand and therefore I can’t be elected into Parliament myself but I can be the president of a new party.”

Courtesy: Torrent Freak

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