One iPhone With Google Translate Saved A Man’s Life

To say in general that technology saves lives is all too obvious, but besides statistics each case could make an impression. One such case happened a while ago and it took not only a quick assessment of the situation form Oregon State Police troopers but also a smartphone with the appropriate apps to save the life of a man suffering from a diabetic reaction but he couldn’t speak English enough to give details about his condition.

Last Sunday, Sgt. Pat Shortt and Senior Trooper Mike Holloran stopped a car on I-84, near The Dalles, Oregon and asked the 57-year-old driver who looked ill what is going on. All the driver could say in English was “tired” but realizing that the situation might be worse than a simple sleep deprivation, Sgt. Pat Shortt reached for his smartphone and downloaded an translator app. He assumed that the man speaks Chinese and he guessed right, so the communication started. With the help of Google Translate, the troopers found out that the man was diabetic and he was driving for a long time without stopping to eat and without his insulin. The paramedics called on site confirmed that the man’s blood sugar was five time the normal levels. He man was taken to the nearest hospital for the appropriate treatment and soon after, his son came from Seattle.

After he helped save a life with the help of his smartphone and his quick wit, Sgt. Pat Shortt received his colleagues congratulations but also a few amused comments. Apparently, Pat Shortt was not exactly a fan of the newest technologies and he was reluctant at first to use his smartphones. Afterwards he realized that the massive array of apps with wide range of applications seduced him. Now he really knows that regardless of situation “there is an app for that.”


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