Greek Students Win NASA Competition For Designing Greenhouse For Mars

In May of this year, international space agency NASA organized a competition called International Space Apps Challenge. Some Greek students have won that competition by designing a Greenhouse for Mars.

Popeye On Mars

The purpose of organizing the competition was to produce solutions to address various needs for life on Earth and in space. The competition took place over the course of 48 hours in cities across the world. A group of Greek students participated in that competition and created a self-supporting greenhouse for Mars that grows spinach and named it as Popeye.

The greenhouse that they designed consists of solar-powered sensor and electrical systems. It was enclosed in a protective dome. About the design, the students mentioned that the greenhouse would grow spinach over a 45-day period to supply potential astronauts on Mars with food.

Reuters have reported that the greenhouse’s air garden is equipped with a “suite of solar-powered sensors and electrical systems” that nurture and monitor the spinach by providing plenty of water and carbon dioxide. Here’s a video for you.

Source: Mashable

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