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New Tibet Malware Variant Discovered, Affects OS X Machines

It is rather rare to see a malware which is able to successfully affect Macs. We have heard about the Tibet malware in the past but until now, it couldn't affect OS X systems. However, a new variant of the malware has now been discovered which can install a backdoor in the OS X machine and easily enable a hacker to gain control of it.

App-Crashing Bug Discovered In OS X 10.8, iOS 6

It has been discovered that both OS X 10.8 and iOS 6, the current versions of Apple's desktop and mobile operating systems, contain a major exploit. It is essentially a text-based bug which can crash apps in systems running either of the two operating systems.

Apple Shipped Out 28 Million Copies Of Mountain Lion

Apple's key focus during WWDC 2013 is the announcement of upcoming releases and products. However, side by side, Apple doesn't forget to stress on its sales numbers, which are always impressive. The company has now revealed that it has shipped out some 28 million copies of Mountain Lion so far.