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Developers Can Now Self-Publish Games For Xbox One

It would seem that given the rather huge social media backlash over Microsoft's Xbox One console after its launch, the company is ready to make many concessions. Although Microsoft initially announced that Xbox One game developers will have to get their games approved by a publisher first, the company has now allowed developers to self-publish.

Used Games Will Work On Xbox One, Says Microsoft

When Microsoft first unveiled Xbox One, it stated that the new console will not play original Xbox games. Gamers were concerned as to whether or not the Microsoft will allow used games on Xbox One. The company has now dispelled these concerns by affirming that used games will work on Xbox One.

Will Microsoft Integrate Xbox One With Windows Phone?

Microsoft recently unveiled its next-generation game console offering, Xbox One. The new console comes with a focus on non-game entertainment and many new functionality features. Interestingly, Microsoft didn't make any mention of Windows Phone at the event, even when many had hoped that Xbox One and Windows Phone platforms may be integrated.