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iPad 5 Leaked Schematics Show iPad mini-Like Design

Some schematics of the fifth-generation Apple iPad came out online recently. A French tech rumor site named revealed the schematics of what is believed to be the upcoming iPad 5. The leaked images reveal that the next iteration of Apple's full-sized tablet has a lot of similarities with iPad mini in design.

Apple’s iOS 7 Seen Running On An iPad [Video]

Apple recently unveiled iOS 7 at its WWDC event, revealing a number of radical changes that will be a part of the mobile operating system. A Russian user has posted a video online in which iOS 7 is seen running on top of an iPad. According to this user, the tablet is running a tablet-optimized version of iOS 7.

Apple Has Sold 600 Million iOS Devices So Far

When it comes to the smartphone and tablet arena, Apple continues to be the undisputed champion. The company may have lost to Samsung in numbers recently, but its overall performance and revenues still trump all else. At WWDC 2013, Apple has now revealed that so far, it has sold some 600 million iOS devices.

Microsoft Compares Windows Tablets With iPad

Comparisons with Apple products and criticizing them have long been a part of Microsoft's marketing and advertising strategy. The company conventionally compares its product with those of Apple, ruling that its products are certainly better. In the same streak, Microsoft has launched a new page comparing Windows tablets to Apple's iPad.

Teenager Dies During An iPad-Theft Incident

A number of incidents involving the theft of Apple gadgets have taken place in the recent past. We have even seen entire Apple retail locations ransacked by thieves in some cases. Now, it has been reported that during an iPad-theft incident, a 15-year-old boy was ran over by a car and succumbed to his injuries while on the way to hospital.