Adobe Air Saltier 2.5.1 Released

Adobe Air 2.5 is barely cool yet,Adobe updates AIR with Saltier 2.5.1 and preparation for adding flavor to Android Gingerbread,which is another indication that the next version of the mobile software will be out really soon……

With the anticipation of the Android Gingerbread OS update, we will be delivering an update release for AIR for Android (2.5.1) that will be available on Android Market on Tuesday November 9th. This new release will address compatibility issues and be optimized to run on the Gingerbread OS update.

In cases where a user receives the Gingerbread OS update before updating to the AIR 2.5.1 runtime, they will receive a native dialog on load stating that the application has quit unexpectedly and your application will fail to load.


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