Apple Working On Combination Of iTunes And iCloud

Apple is now attempting to find a way to merge multiple Apple IDs, after developers have found having multiple sign-ins causes problems on iOS 5 and iCloud and Apple did not immediately respond to a request for official comment. The issue of using multiple Apple IDs has been a minor annoyance in the past and Apple has instituted a new policy with Automatic Downloads, which do not let you switch between logins and locks devices for 90 days to a single account. The inability to merge Apple IDs has also become a problem for iCloud developer testers who want to be able to sync content between products and it’s tough to say how many people are affected by the lack of ID merging……………….


Users with multiple Apple IDs or a separate MobileMe or iCloud account may soon be able to merge their numerous accounts into just one and two users who reached out to Apple CEO Tim Cook via e-mail received a phone call from the company explaining they are aware of the issue. MacRumors has learned that Apple is working on a process to merge multiple Apple IDs into a single login. The issue of juggling multiple Apple ID logins has been a minor inconvenience in the past, but with the early developer testing of iOS 5 and iCloud, users have found it to be a major issue. TUAW described the problem back in July and the answer at that time was that there was no way to consolidate Apple IDs:

Some readers have been managing two Apple IDs on purpose and are now frustrated about the fact that Apple is restricting logins for automatic downloads. Others have only just discovered that they have two IDs. Most of them have already contacted Apple, only to be given the same answer without exception: Apple will not consolidate Apple ID accounts.


MobileMe users especially have found that they now have at least two Apple IDs, their original one and their MobileMe account. Juggling multiple logins while using Apple’s Automatic Downloads can be a particular chore since you can’t easily switch between logins. Apple locks devices to a single Apple ID for 90 days, preventing any rapid switching between accounts. Apple has provided no official guidance on the issue, except to state that Apple IDs can not be consolidated at this time. Apple‘s Tim Cook has been particularly responsive to customer emails and inquiries. In a previous example, a user emailed Cook about iTunes Match availability in Canada. That user got a quick reply from Apple’s Senior Vice President for Internet Software and Services, Eddy Cue. Apple has announced it will be launching iCloud and iOS 5 to users this fall. Another user reports hearing the same information after emailing Tim Cook over the same issue.



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