A Toronto Family Stops Using Post-1986 Technology

Imagine that all forms of technology that you use in your everyday life is no longer available. It may be a pain for a few days but eventually, you’ll adapt it and may even be happy over it. A Toronto family has now decided to ban all sorts of post-1986 technology.


Blair McMillan and his girlfriend made the decision together. They have two kids, one aged 5 and the other aged 2, and they think that modern technology wouldn’t let them grow as well as they would without 24/7 technology. This is precisely why they have decided to ban all forms of post-1986 technology in their house, for at least one year.

They pegged the limit at 1986 because that’s the year of birth of both McMillan and his girlfriend, Morgan. According to McMillan, his kids were addicted to gadgets such as iPad and iPhone at a very early age. They used them so extensively that they even ignored their sports and outdoor trips.

“That’s kind of when it hits me because I’m like, wow, when I was a kid, I lived outside. We’re parenting our kids the same way we were parented for a year just to see what it’s like.” McMillan reveals.

To absolutely ensure it all, the family has stopped using online banking and when they take photographs, they develop them through film rolls. Initially, it was hard for the entire family, especially for Morgan who says, “I remember the day before we started this, I was a wreck and I was like I can’t believe I have to delete my Facebook.”

Courtesy: Slashdot

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