Barnes & Noble Release Retina-Ready Version Of Nook For iPad App, Version 3.1.3

Nearly all the companies who have their apps being popular among millions have been quick to launch a Retina-ready version of the app for the new iPad. We have been waiting for a word on this from the folks at Barnes & Noble and now, the company has finally released a new version of its Nook for iPad app for the new iPad – this version of the app comes with Retina content and additional highlighting features.

One of the obvious features of this version of the app is that it scales neatly to the screen of the new iPad. Users have been eagerly waiting for the Retina-ready version of the app since it allows access to literally millions of magazines, newspapers and books.

Now that the new version of the Nook app is here, the obvious question is what is so new about it? Well, you are able to see words a lot brighter and sharper on the new iPad with this version. Also, the Highlight feature is improved and you can use it with a lot more ease and convenience, highlighting whatever part of a book or paper you want to. Moreover, you can also switch to landscape orientation which will enable you to read your content in one or two columns.

According to the company, this new version also comes with fixes for many bugs and can be used by users of iPad 1, iPad 2, the new iPad, iPhone 3G, iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S as well as iPod Touch. While the Retina-rich experience can also be had at the new iPad, you can still enjoy the other new features in the new version of the app. You can download the free Nook app for iPad from here.

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