Cambridge Researchers Using Legos In The Lab To Build Artificial Bone

Researchers at Cambridge University are building artificial bone in the lab. They are using Lego Mind-storms Robots. Building up a sample of artificial bone is really irksome. It requires a lot of repetitive dipping of samples into various substances, rinsing, and repeating. As no option left, the researchers built a couple of inexpensive laboratory robots using Lego Mindstorms in order to create automate sample.

The LEGO Group has already partnered with Google for the 2012 Google Science Fair. Not to be forgotten, The Google Science Fair is an online science competition where it encourages 13-18 years old kids across the globe to solve the answer of any question practically.

Mindstorms allows the researchers to construct simple machines that can be programmed to replicate a series of movements over and over again. With the robots intelligence, it can handle the sample creation duties and freeing up the human researchers to focus on other laboratory tasks. In fact, Lego sees an expanding role for itself not only in the laboratory but also in education in general.

Source : Popsci


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