Motorola Unveiled A ‘Digital Tattoo’ That Can Unlock Moto X Phone

Last year, Regina Dugan, who is leading the Advanced Technology and Projects (ATAP) group at Google-owned Motorola Mobility, talked about a new “digital tattoo” technology at “D11” conference that would make it easier to unlock phone. And now the moment is here. Motorola, in collaboration with VivaLnk Inc., has unveiled that digital tattoo through which Moto X phone users will be able to unlock their handset.

Digital Tattoo Of Motorola

The digital tattoo is made of super thin, flexible materials. It has a diameter and thickness of 24.13 mm and 160µm, respectively. And the Moto X mobile phone gets unlocked when it comes withing 10 mm radius of digital tattoo. Now, you might be thinking how does it work?

Digital Tattoo To Unlock Moto X Phone

Well, this digital tattoo is actually an ultra-thin NFC circuit, wrapped up in medical-grade 3M adhesive. What the Moto X users need to do is that they’ve to slap the phone on their skin where the digital tattoo is placed, hold their phone up to it and that’s it — phone unlocked.

Digital Tattoo Tech To Unlock Phone

The specialty of this digital tattoo is it’s made to stay on through showering, swimming, and vigorous activities like jogging. But the nickel-sized tattoo lasts for five days only. And Moto X users need not to worry about their skin as the digital tattoo won’t spoil their skin.

Digital Tattoo For Moto X Phone

VivaLnk is selling a pack of 10 tattoos for $10, meaning each tattoo costs $1. Here’s a video of this digital tattoo.

Sources: MotorolaVivaLnk Inc

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