Earn Money By Joining Google’s Project Screenwise

Google has been taking a lot of steps to discover the exact browsing habits of the users online. In a new project now, called Screenwise, Google is offering to pay you money if you agree to enroll into the project. The amount is nominal but you can enroll for free. However, Google will then be able to monitor all the websites that you visit while you are part of the project. Read further details about it below.

This is how it works. You have to download and install a browser extension by Google. This extension will allow Google to monitor all the websites that you will then visit at that browser. Even when you visit the websites in private mode, Google will be able to identify those websites but those websites will not be linked to your personal information.

You score an Amazon gift card worth $5 when you sign up and download and install the extension. After that, you are paid $5 for every three months, as long as you stay on the project. However, Google is still considering providing some additional incentive to such users who decide to stay longer than a year on the project.

Another extensive phase of this project pays even more but it’s a little expensive in the sense that you will have to set up a data collector router and then install the extension. You will be paid $100 upon sign up and $20 for every month as long as you participate.

To be eligible for enrolling at the project, you must be 13 years or older. You must also have a Google account and Chrome installed on your computer. The project is fully opt-in, which means that you join it only if you explicitly accept that you want to join it. Only those who apply for it will be a part of it and Google will not gather information of any non-registered users.

Here’s the official page of project ‘Screenwise’ by Google.

Image courtesy ars technica.

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