Five New Exploits Of iPad 2 Announced At MyGreatFest Jailbreaking Convention

iPhone hacker p0sixninja of Chronic Dev-team has announced that he have five bootrom exploit on the Apple A5 chip that already exist on iPad 2 and strongly expected that it will power iPhone 5. Apple discouraged jailbreaking, as it allows for the installation of third-party applications outside the official iTunes App Store and the concern is that once a phone or other device is jailbroken, it’s easier to illegally pirate applications which would otherwise be sold in the App Store, earning revenue for developers and Apple alike. The bootrom exploit are low-level bootrom ones which means that Apple won’t be able to patch them with simple iOS update…………………


Jailbreak hacker p0sixninja of Chronic Dev Team has announced that five userland exploits have been discovered for the iPad 2 and is strongly expected to be used in the next generation iPhone. The news comes from P0sixninja talk at jailbreaking convention MyGreatFest. P0sixninja looked ecstatic when he gave the announcement a few minutes ago, in which it was stated that iPad 2 and the iPhone 5 can be jailbroken using five userland exploits which have been discovered over time. What is even more fantastic about this news is how all of these exploits are userland ones. And as quoted by P0sixninja himself “it’s the record breaking number of exploits found”. These userland exploits are, as suggested by the name, related to software. Unlike hardware-based exploits, these can be patched. A hardware revision wouldn’t matter that much in this case. Apple has only revised hardware once and that was with the iPhone 3GS which received a new model back in late 2009 having an updated bootrom that patched pod2g’s 24kpwn exploit. But since it’s a software exploit then the hardware revision won’t mean much for the jailbreak itself. The exploits were discovered by the Chronic Dev Team. A key member of the team itself namely: P0d2g, found exploits like 24kpwn, steaks4uce and also discovered an exploit in the Apple A4 chip, used in iPhone 4, original iPad and iPod touch 4G. p0d2g and p0sixninja are members of the Chronic Dev Team, who were the key developers/hackers behind the famous jailbreak tool Greenpois0n, which back then was the only method available to jailbreak iOS 4.2.1 completely untethered. Since the jailbreak will be userland, it will work on all iOS devices on all exploit-ready iOS versions and as mentioned earlier, get an untethered jailbreak for iOS 5 at launch. P0sixninja also quoted that the it will be the most amazing jailbreak yet!



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