GE Energy To Introduce Electric Vehicle Charger – WattStation

GE Energy has introduced a electric vehicle charging system at the SAE 2012 World Congress in Detroit. The company branded the device as WattStation. The WattStation and its software provides many benefits such as lower charging time. By using its smart grid technology, utility companies can manage the impact of electric vehicles on the local and regional power grids. WattStation is designed by the famous industrial designer Yves Behar.

Yves Behar said, “Good design is when a new technology enters our life and makes it simpler, beautiful and healthy.”

The software associated WattStation allows the owners to manage charging stations remotely, giving them the ability to control and set customer pricing for Electric Vehicle charging, it also provides the facility of generating usage reports. Electric Vehicle users will find the WattStation easily using its software and retractable cord and will be able to give payments using a secure system. You can set up the EVC in any commercial, public or retail locations such as hotels, hospitals, parking lots etc.

Michael Mahan, product general manager, EV infrastructure for GE Energy’s Industrial Solutions business said “We worked closely with Hertz in the development of the WattStation Connect software because Hertz is at the forefront of electric vehicle deployment, their global EV solutions in the U.S, Europe and China require the advanced, networked stations that we offer.”

He also added “GE has a full range of electrical distribution products required to support EV deployment and to move power from the grid to the road, helping our customers operate in a smarter, more networked world.”

Source: Ubergizmo

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