Google Launches New Standards For Online Advertising Under Brand Activate Initiative

Google is a key player when it comes to online advertising. Given its huge sway through the online search engine as well as through Google Adsense, Google has been pre-dominantly instrumental in settings the standards for the online advertising industry. Now, Google has announced some new standards for online advertising under the name ‘Brand Activate Initiative.’

Currently, one of the major concerns of online advertisers is that whether or not their ad is viewed. Advertisers try hard to entice the users to view their ads but so far, there are not many helpful metrics available to advertisers to see how effective their ads have been.

With the Brand Activate Initiative, Google intends to help the marketers evaluate the success of their ads. Google announced the initiative at Ad Age Digital Conference and initially, it comprises of two services named Active View and Active GRP. The tools helps take online ads, much like the way TV advertisings get rated.

Active View measures how long a person views a certain ad as well as how much of the ad is viewed. This will be measured against a standard set by Google. For instance, if a person views an ad for a second and during this view, if at least 50% of the ad is viewable, this is counted as one viewed impression.

For now, Google has rolled out both of these tools, which are just the beginning of the Brand Activate Initiative. You can hear more from Google first-hand about this initiative in this video:


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